Valor Athletics

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What is the Valor Cup?  The Valor Cup is a year long athletics competition between Valor schools.  Points are accumulated throughout the year with individual team victories (and top 5 team placement in cross country and track and field) contributing to the school’s total score.  Additional points are awarded for victories against another Valor school. The winning school for the year gets to keep the Cup in a place of honor on their campus for the following school year.  The competition began in the 2021-22 school year with Valor South Austin winning the inaugural competition.  In 2023-24 the competition will expand to 5 schools.

Scoring details

Ball Sports:

-1 pt. for league wins + 1 pt for every Valor vs. Valor or playoff win
-Score= divided by number of teams e.g. VSA and VNA= 4, VK= 2

Cross Country and Track: 

-Points for meets with only one Valor school attending: only if team places top 5- 1 pt for 5th, 2 pts. for 4th etc.
-Additional Points for meets with 2+ Valor schools and schools: 2 valor teams in event- team that finishes higher= 1 pt, 3 Valor teams in event- highest finisher= 2pts, 2nd highest= 1 pt. etc.
-School's VC points per meet= divided by # of team levels participated in that meet (eg MS boys, MS girls, HS boys, HS girls= 4 team levels)